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Back from Animachina, thank you everyone!


[ENG] At the coming this weekend convention Animachina in Bytom, Poland I will be having a panel “How to make a picture which is easy to edit”. Since everything will be in Polish, please excuse me, I will continue in that language ; )

[PL] Odwiedzających w ten weekend konwent Animachina w Bytomiu, chciałabym bardzo serdecznie zaprosić na mój panel “Jak zrobić rysunek, który można łatwo edytować” odbywający się w sobotę o godz. 20:00 w Sali Artystycznej na parterze. Będę omawiać przygotowanie lineartu i procesie kolorowania na przykładzie załączonego rysunku i kilku innych ilustracji.

Zapraszam również na inne atrakcje odbywające się w Sali Artystycznej, zarówno by się nauczyć wielu ciekawych rzeczy, spotkać innych rysowników/animatorów/komiksiarzy jak i znaleźć kąt, gdzie można spokojnie porysować : )

Przy okazji chciałam powiedzieć, że na tegorocznej edycji postanowiliśmy stworzyć Artist Alley, która znajdować się będzie w okolicach Sali Artystycznej. Tam oczywiście, też zapraszam ; D

I remembered I have a picture to finish.

For some reason tumblr didn’t wanted to work on my cellphone while in Paris so here’s a compilation of some of the pictures I did at Japan Expo.

#japan expo

Everything ready for Japan Expo!

#japan expo

Packing for this year’s Japan Expo in Paris! I will be at booth number DN90 with hibalicious megan-uosiu and jensuisdraws (third alley on the right from entrance in Hall 6).

Please come say hello!


Quick doodle because I’ve realized I haven’t drawn anything for a couple of days.


Kupala, the summer solstice feast, is one of few nights when magic can interfere with reality.

When you are a child, they tell you don’t go into the forest alone, especially on the night like kupala, it never ends well. And yet, when you wander through the trees lost and scared, a forest girl shows up and helps you out. You hear stories, how forest folk is only bad news, but you can’t stay away from her and  see her every year as she becomes your best friends and first love.

Kupała (or Kupala in English) is a fantasy story taking place during Summer Solstice over the span of few years, deriving from Slavic mythology and folk tales. In short- fantasy (peppered with romance) with Slavs. I bet you haven’t read anything like that yet! For more info, please check my tag [Kupała].

Honest warning: this is intended for mature readers. It may look like fairy tale, but it isn’t, believe me. I’d love to go into specifics, but anything I say at this point will ruin the plot, so I trust readers to be mature in whatever capacity they deem relevant when purchasing this comics. 

Have I caught your attention and you want to purchase a comic? Great! Because we are opening pre-orders for the book!

Kupała consists of 24 pages of black and white comics + cover in colour, physical copy is the size of American floppy, approx. 16x26 cm. 

These are your options: 

  • Fun, fast and easy digital through [gumroad].
    In preorder only 0.99$ (or more if you feel generous), no DMR or licensing, .pdf and .cbr included. The file will be sent on July, 22nd, on it’s intended release date, closing digital pre-orders. 
    After that the book will cost 2$+, so don’t hesitate and order now!

  • Longer, but hopefully worth your time and money. Physical copy of the book can be purchased through []. If bought before July, 13th it’ll cost only 4.5$+shipping (instead of regular 5.5$) and come with some thank-you-for-pre-ordering extras. For more details, please check the storenvy listing! Physical copies will be shipped at the latest on 22nd, but we will try our best to get them out as early as possible.

  • If by any chance, you work at or own a comic book shop selling indie/self-published books, please, contact me directly here or at [], so we could work out a deal that’ll suit us all nicely!

  • If you bought a copy at a con, please, contact me and I will sent you corrected pdf. There were some mistakes I feel embarrassed by and I’d rather you didn’t remember us by them :) I will ask a question to make sure, though!

  • Jeśli jesteście z Polski i chcecie zapłacić przelewem, zapraszam do uzupełnienia [tego formularza]. 

But wait, there’s more! (like free comics :D)

If, for any reason, you aren’t able to buy a book, don’t worry! Reblog and spread the word and for every, let’s say, for every 50 physical copies ordered we will give away 1 book and for every 25 digital orders, we’ll give away 1 digital copy (which means we start with 2 to give away!), we will randomly pick people who reblogged, liked or commented on this post! We’ll pick the winners of the raffle on July, 22nd, day of the release. 

Thank you for your support!
[Kaśka] & [kth]

Super well drawn and super cheap, please check it out!


PREORDERS ARE OPEN  TILL 30/06!!! Free shipping for preorders TO ALL COUNTRIES! I’ll be selling these at JapanExpo too, stand DN90!! come visit! :D/

morning doodle

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