I’m hesitating to call it finished but I’m done with it for now.

I was stuck with the picture from before so I decided to do it again from scratch.

Hatsune Miku for sakaikataho at twitter

day of useless doodles mass production

evening doodle

Czekolada and Noa with body type change.

for JadeMere @ dA

Sailor Saturn!

evening doodle of Czekolada going moe

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Handwriting Meme

1. Handwrite your name. 
2. Handwrite your Tumblr URL. 
3. What is your blog title? 
4. Your favourite colour? 
5. Who is the person you have a crush on? (If not then write the name of your pet).
6. Write something in ALL CAPS!
7. Who are your favourite bands/singers? 
8. Lucky number? 
9. What’s your favourite drink? 
10. Tag some followers.

megan-uosiu greenmarshmallow drzwi-do-szafy razuri

I have way too many notes from school written like in point 1. I never looked at them again, there’s no point xD;

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