The books have arrived today and I must admit I’m really happy how they have turned out : D especially the matte finish on the cover hahah

I will be taking them to MCM London Comic Con this weekend and MCM Birmingham Comic Con next month but if you are not coming you can still try your luck here! (It doesn’t matter where you live, I ship internationally.)

All you have to do is:

like and reblog this post (the way it is) before 2014.11.01 noon GMT+1

★ have ask open so I can contact you if you win

There will be one winner chosen randomly on 1st of Nov.

Sketchbook info:

★ 36 pages

★ black and white

★ A5 size

Cover of a sketchbook I’m preparing for MCM London and Birmingham Comic Cons. It’s going to have 36 black and white A5 pages full of everything I tend to sketch ; )

practicing traditional and dusting off my old and never much used drawing tools

I’m hesitating to call it finished but I’m done with it for now.

I was stuck with the picture from before so I decided to do it again from scratch.

Hatsune Miku for sakaikataho at twitter

day of useless doodles mass production

evening doodle

Czekolada and Noa with body type change.

for JadeMere @ dA

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